Deko 79 S / ST

The modern and new developed die cutting
and embossing machine DEKO 79 permits
you a cost-effective cutting in a half 3-B size.
The toggle joint drive guarantees a great
cutting strength and a material gentle
transportation of the sheet from the feeder
to the delivery. The cutting of paper, carton
up to the corrugated cardboard is a matter
of course. All these possibilities are united in
the Stanzmaschne DEKO.

After long years we have managed to develop
a new machine which will replace Heidelberger

Suitable for the following Materials Depending
on quality of material and sheet layouts:

♦   Paper to a minimum weight of 80 g/m²
♦   Carton or solid board 2000 g/m²
♦   Micro flute (*) (*) Max. acceptable warp 4 %


Technical Specification
Model DEKO 79 S DEKO 79 ST
max. sheet size 600 x 820 mm 600 x 820 mm
min. sheet size 210 x 280 mm 210 x 280 mm
Min. Gripper Margin 8 mm 8 mm
Punching force 250 Ton 250 Ton
Production speed 6500 s/h 6500 s/h
Suitable materials
Paper 80 g/m² 80 g/m²
Solid board 2000 g/m² 2000 g/m²
Corrugated 3 mm thickness 3 mm thickness
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 Deko 79 ST Die cutter